The members more often rap about how good they are at rapping than actually demonstrating how good they really are.


“Remember when you lost your shit and / Drove the car into the garden / You got out and said I’m sorry / To the vines and no one saw it,” The National’s frontman Matt Berninger sings on “I Need My Girl” from Trouble Will Find Me (2013).

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2019 has proven quite the rollercoaster of nostalgia for millenials.

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The Head and the Heart is one of the few bands on the radio making authentic, organic-sounding music. Despite the trends of overproduction and electronic influence, The Head and the Heart has stayed true to its Seattle bar-scene roots.


As I first listen to Here Comes the Cowboy, I am driving from Jackson, Wyoming, to Yellowstone National Park via Grand Teton National Park. It’s 5:30 a.m., and this album just makes sense.

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The one and only time I’ve ever held personal stake in an eBay bidding war was when I wanted prints of an Aly & AJ photo shoot. I think I was around nine years old, and I think they were wearing shiny scarves. I won.

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The first song I heard by Sun Kil Moon was “I Know It’s Pathetic But That Was the Greatest Night of My Life.” It’s fitting that this was my introduction to Sun Kil Moon (the moniker of  San Francisco-based singer-songwriter Mark Kozelek), since the song captures something essential ab


In my interview with Eva Hendricks of Charly Bliss in February, Hendricks told me that pop music makes her feel strong. Charly Bliss’s sophomore album Young E

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Pulling up to the Royal Oak Music Theatre, there was no question Hunter Hayes was in town. A long line of fans in flannel and cowboy boots wrapped around the block, anxiously waiting to see the country music star hit the stage again for the first time in years.


For many of us too young to be millennials and too old to be Gen Z, Vampire Weekend was the soundtrack of our adolescence.