Her music is, in summary, presenting an internal and an external state at the same time, presenting the public narrative of nihilistic luxury and accumulation while also showing private doubts, dejection, rumination, anxiety.

Rozwell Kid

The set was constantly veering between genres and emotional states — from satirical to grave, from punk to alt-rock — and the performances never once felt jarring, because they were so anchored by the band’s technical prowess and jovial attitudes.

Anderson .Paak

But ‘Oxnard,’ no longer his come up but his claim to fame, tries to do too much, which makes the 14-track album drag on rather than breeze through.

El Guincho

El Guincho’s samples range Brazil to Ghana, and like the masters of the art in the hip-hop and electronic realm, he is extremely skilled at making his chops and loops organic and lively.


As soon as she walked up to the mic, the crowd would have been stupid to think something big wasn’t about to happen.

Mumford and Sons

Change and artistic development is good and important, but Mumford and Sons may be taking a step in the wrong direction.

Imagine Dragons

There’s really no reason to go out of your way to listen to ‘Origins.’


“One More” is her reconciliation with that pain and confusion, cutting ties with ritual monotony and coming to terms with the speed of change.

Earl Sweatshirt

This past week, Earl Sweatshirt, after three years of nearly complete silence, dropped the single ‘Nowhere2Go.’

Carlie Hanson

Hanson, who recently took a turn with Billboard Pride’s Instagram account, will be dropping an EP early next year and has begun infusing her traditional pop-sound with rock-inspired guitars, undoubtedly primed by the Metallica and Five Finger Death punch her mother played growing up in Wisconsin.