Palm performs at Audiotree Festival

One of the most unique aspects of the band’s sound is … well, how unique it actually is.

Diet Cig perform at Audiotree Festival

We got to sit down with Diet Cig and talk to them about their music, creating safe spaces and DIY.

Common Holly perform at Audiotree Festival

The Montreal-based, 20-something songwriter confessed that she hardly picked up her guitar during her years at university but, after a breakup in the year following graduation, found much-needed relief in songwriting.

Eminem looks like this now

“Venom” is a dark promise of a song, well-timed for Halloween, with an action-packed music video to match.

Anderson .Paak

It’s pretty flat throughout its four-and-a-half-minute runtime, lacking the special “unf” that the artists typically bring to a project.

Jade Bird

Last Wednesday, fog began spreading throughout The Magic Bag maybe 20 minutes after Field Report’s Christopher Porterfield left the stage.

Ghostface Killah

Instead of trying and failing to reinvent yourself, embrace the fact that your new music is no more than a nostalgic window to hip hop’s past and the relevance you used to hold.

Cat Power

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry at any given portion of the album, but that is where its true beauty hides.


Because the festival takes place in an arguable mecca for DIY alternative music, it is uniquely positioned to choose from a slew of talented bands that just haven’t yet had their moment, despite an abundance of talent.


After 2014, cloud rap was swept away by the Chief Keefs and Young Thugs of the world, never to be heard of since.