The Internet live at Saint Andrews Hall

There’s something so satisfying about going to a concert to catch a break from life kicking your ass.


It’s very different from her previous music, which was sometimes collagistic and sometimes tightly constructed but always unapologetically idiosyncratic.

Eric Clapton

He covers the classics while dusting off Christmas pieces from the bottom shelf.

Travis Scott

Just an arms length from the rail that separated the savage crowd from the miniature stage on which Scott stood, I was afloat in the oceanic energy of the sweaty ragers.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” is a sensation of such magnitude that it’s easy to feel like Ariana has always been this cultural behemoth. Yet “thank u, next” is Ariana’s first Billboard number one hit. It’s easily her best performing single.

Pedro the Lion

I’ve been anxiously awaiting the unlikely return of David Bazan-helmed Pedro The Lion since my youth pastor played “Diamond Ring” as the introduction to a lesson at our fall kick-off retreat my sophomore year of high school.

Earl Sweatshirt

‘Some Rap Songs’ is an attempt to reconceive not only what kind of music Earl Sweatshirt creates but who exactly Earl Sweatshirt is.


Kanye West, once Yeezus, to many Lord and Savior, denied us three times and many more after that.

Franco Battiato

Battiato’s unconventional voice is a perfect accompaniment to the synth-heavy, but simple instrumentation.

The 1975

I’ve compiled a few songs to get us all through what is often considered the bleakest season; whether you want to get your mind off the cold or embrace the gray that has befallen us is entirely up to you.