After all, he pointed out, “We are literally the only ones that get to experience this.” The timing of this request couldn’t have been more perfect — “Time of Our Lives” is all about being present and enjoying every moment we have, and the crowd cheerfully swayed along to the music, seemingly content without their mobile distractions.


Yandhi is an especially interesting leak: It’s very much a rough draft. Most of the songs are unfinished, embodying a certain idea Kanye was reaching for but not quite realized.

BROCKHAMPTON in their new music video, 'Dearly Departed'

The music video centers on every member in the scene as they bare their heartbreak and pain from a different point of view.

Post Malone in the 'Circles' music video

The sonic palette as a whole seems to be heavily influenced by psychedelic pop (e.g. Currents), a sound that suits Post surprisingly well.

Rostam Batmanglij

With the dissolution of rigid genre boundaries comes a heady, ceiling-less world of sonic possibility.

Channel Tres

Adorned with his signature red watch cap, Channel Tres has nowhere to go but up. For the last year or so, the producer has been popping up in some surprising places, trying to make a name for himself.

Mac Miller

It’ll be one year since Mac Miller has passed away, yet his legacy makes it feel like he never left.

Taylor Swift

While she may be finding refuge in the music she built her career on, Lover points to a way forward as Swift seems to have shifted her focus to her own experiences rather than defending herself.


While BROCKHAMPTON has a track record for hardcore hits, their softer-sounding songs landed better than their slappers this time around.

Julia Jacklin

I didn’t fully acknowledge Crushing as a probable act of God until the lyrics of “Don’t Know How To Keep Loving You” popped out at me on my commute to work.