This is the afterlife of the mixtape: The ability to create specific pathways through music culture as a whole is turned into a way to maximize the passive aspects of music listening.


In any event, to point to the band’s reorientation towards pop as evidence — or, worse, proof — that they have “sold out” is to miss the point entirely.


We’re only two weeks into 2019, but already it’s shaping up to be a huge year for British singer-songwriter Jade Bird. She recently announced the official release date for her self-titled debut album, the anticipation of which has been bolstered by one high-quality single after another.


The blend trend in the music industry holds infinite rewards – the mix of varying talents oftens leading to a fresh, original sound.


Country has a distinct sensibility, one capable of evoking specific landscapes and brands of sorrow, joy and attraction. In After All, Rob Baird directs this sensibility toward the emotional journey of a breakup.

The Internet live at Saint Andrews Hall

There’s something so satisfying about going to a concert to catch a break from life kicking your ass.


It’s very different from her previous music, which was sometimes collagistic and sometimes tightly constructed but always unapologetically idiosyncratic.

Eric Clapton

He covers the classics while dusting off Christmas pieces from the bottom shelf.

Travis Scott

Just an arms length from the rail that separated the savage crowd from the miniature stage on which Scott stood, I was afloat in the oceanic energy of the sweaty ragers.

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s “thank u, next” is a sensation of such magnitude that it’s easy to feel like Ariana has always been this cultural behemoth. Yet “thank u, next” is Ariana’s first Billboard number one hit. It’s easily her best performing single.