Disclaimer: throughout this article, I will frequently refer to Pusha-T as either Pusha or Push because that’s just how it goes. Mr. T is not correct.

Rachel Stern / Noisey

Inspired originally by the immersive worlds of Dr. Seuss, Whack established her ability to take on different personalities with her debut album Whack World, released in 2018.

Sony Music

The Chainsmokers’s new video for their single “Who Do You Love” featuring 5 Seconds of Summer presents a “Battle of the Bands” competition between the two groups as they belt out the song while trying to outperform each other.

Andrew Bird

With his trademark orchestration of heavy bass and light-footed violin, Bird’s masterful songwriting is center-stage. The many layers of his songs are hidden within unique lyrics and non-traditional song structure.

Jenny Lewis

It’s obvious from even the album artwork, a picture of Lewis’s torso in a low-cut dress that mimics the same style as her 2014 LP The Voyager, that she is no longer held back by the perception of others. She is who she is, and she’s learning and growing just like the rest of us.


No longer does the music come first, which is then supported by interviews, “Tiny Desk” performances and social media that promotes the band and establishes viewer connection. The media comes first


From the opening cascade of glockenspiel and vibraphone on “Silhouettes,” it’s clear the band is working with new materials — there’s an almost orchestral grandeur to the album, a panoramic sweep wholly separate from the stripped-down sound more familiar to the band.


If the electronic instrumentals were stripped away and replaced by something more acoustic and folksy, Cows on Hourglass Pond would be fit to be performed at local folk venue The Ark.

21 Savage

The headlines about 21 Savage’s arrest and deportation proceedings last month seemed straight out of an Onion article.

Capitol Records

It’s a masterful move to affirm your own position and put down your horrible boyfriend in the fell swoop of a single world, but that’s what Stella does.