Stray Kids

As a debut, “District 9” does everything it should do.

black bear performs at Hill

Under the auditorium’s sweeping, megaphone-like arches, I sat silently, waiting for the chatter of the audience around me to die down.

Natalia Lafourcade

Musas is a rare album that manages to be sweet without descending into a state of being cheaply saccharine.

Jack White

White falls back on his old appreciations for rock and alternative blues, but also makes use of funk and even something akin to rap.

Ariel Pink

These are a few songs for that transition — a playlist for when the sky starts to look a little less bleak and the Diag starts to look a little more green.

Lil Dicky

In comparison to the rest of Lil Dicky’s music videos, “Freaky Friday” isn’t all that unique.

Industry professionals give insight

On Wednesday, March 14, Maize Collective — in partnership with Universal Music Group and Innovate Blue — hosted the first of a series of three music business panels titled “Industry Insight: Songwriters, Producers and Studio Musicians.”

Stephen Kellogg at the Ann Arbor Folk Festival

Kellogg is a family man on his own accord, but he turned everyone there into a family for two hours, singing and laughing until he left the stage, arms raised in triumph.

Elizabeth Cotten

When you listen to some of Elizabeth Cotten’s songs, you’re listening to songs that she wrote as a very young girl and sang for others only years later, as an older woman.

Classical Music Column

And that’s how you expand the genre. You give people something concrete and meaningful to grab onto. You give them a reason to want to listen.