Gin Wigmore's words tingle with ballsy confidence — an irresistible invincibility that drags me in. She says, I am who I am. I beat my own drum. Bite me.


The music then conveys the longing, the aimlessness of feeling the world at your fingertips. The Libertines know what it’s like to muck up that potential. But maybe there’s something to mucking it up and getting it right — bloody right — in the end.

The first few weeks of school often dictate how the rest of the semester goes, so let’s start this year right (or at least with minimal tears) with some new tunes to get that pep in your step.

The interior of Tires, a new music venue on East Lafayette Street in Detroit.

In the Motor City — where the auto industry and the exuberant culture it helped fund are still fresh corpses — “recycling” doesn’t really capture the feel of what’s going on. It feels more like cannibalism.

But cannibalism has its culture, too. It has painting, sculpture, photography, theater, religion, sports — and it has music.


Heavy breaths, claps and scratches start as tantalizing, foreign additions that reverb over the slow jazzy piano of the background.


The inconsistency in terms of who Travis works with leaves all of his collaborations void of any chemistry. It’s as if two strangers had to share a studio and made a song while they were at it.

Miley Cyrus

Just a few months ago, I would have been so excited for a new Miley Cyrus album.

The biggest, loudest gust of a saxophone you’ve heard since the ’80s blows through your speakers over an anthemic synth foundation.

Purchase some beers and grab your best speaker system. On the first night after your move-in, place both in the shared living space in the house.