Black Hippy, comprised of Jay Rock, Kendrick Lamar, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, take turns using identical flows to pummel a Cardo-produced beat in a fleshed out barn filled with strippers.

Top Dawg Entertainment

Jay Rock takes pride in maintaining a level of authenticity of keep-it-real-ness that makes hip-hop as much sport as art.


If you’ve been alone and bored in your bedroom, or are just looking for a song to score your fall semester, look no further.


I’d like to think I’m pretty  “with it” when it comes to music; I frequently check blogs, skim through Reddit, scour the Internet for leaks, etc.


I’m a hard fightin’ soldier, and I’m on the battlefield

I’ll keep bringing soul to Jesus by the service – the service. That I bring.

The service ... is hard.


The album offers Ilunga’s interesting interpretation and restructuring of electronic music and pushes the ears of its listeners to accept rhythmic and harmonic patterns seldom explored by the larger genre’s “popular” counterparts.

Gin Wigmore's words tingle with ballsy confidence — an irresistible invincibility that drags me in. She says, I am who I am. I beat my own drum. Bite me.


The music then conveys the longing, the aimlessness of feeling the world at your fingertips. The Libertines know what it’s like to muck up that potential. But maybe there’s something to mucking it up and getting it right — bloody right — in the end.

The first few weeks of school often dictate how the rest of the semester goes, so let’s start this year right (or at least with minimal tears) with some new tunes to get that pep in your step.

The interior of Tires, a new music venue on East Lafayette Street in Detroit.

In the Motor City — where the auto industry and the exuberant culture it helped fund are still fresh corpses — “recycling” doesn’t really capture the feel of what’s going on. It feels more like cannibalism.

But cannibalism has its culture, too. It has painting, sculpture, photography, theater, religion, sports — and it has music.