Red Light Management

My first impression of Lee was that of a man who had been playing music his whole life, and wanted everyone else to feel how much he loved it, too.

Sister Polygon Records

After releasing their excellent album Nothing Feels Natural, it was hard to imagine where Priests would take their sound. The band masterfully demonstrated their post-punk chops, but that genre seems to have its limitations.

Show Me the Body

“Lowkey? Show Me the Body is for the freaks,” says frontman/banjoist Julian Cashwan Pratt of the experimental hardcore band Show Me the Body in an interview with Kerrang! last week.

Interscope Records

Bizarre, colorful, spirited villainy is definitely a good look for Eilish. It’s too bad plagiarism isn’t.

Capitol Records

It feels as though it would be best listened to late at night at a point in your life when everything feels wrong.


So much of the legend of a musician comes from the mystery surrounding their lives, but the wall between the cultivated output of an artist and their personal lives has been eroded, for better or for worse.

The Hands Free

As avant-garde as the music sounds, Halvorson’s guitar can be almost folk-ish at times, and Lee’s old instruments, played in markedly unconventional ways, combine to give the album a distinctly ancient feeling. It feels like stumbling on an abandoned house being reclaimed by nature, wiry plants forcing their way through the brick.

Drag City

He’s proven himself to be among the most prolific artists currently making music, putting out practically an album a year, and occasionally even more.


What is most striking about You’re The Man is how different it is from the music of today.

Billie Eilish

Despite the shifts and nontraditional risks WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO? takes, it proves a strong debut from Billie Eilish that appeals beyond the artist’s brand.