The “struggle” isn’t defining: It’s present, it’s there, but Howard’s music suggests that life is more than the struggle.

Bloc Party live at Riot Fest

Walking home from that second day at Riot Fest, my skin buzzed with the energy of everyone I had seen that day.


Last week, after hinting at a new song on social media, Rex Orange County released a new single and music video, “10/10.” Although he is dropping all the hints characteristic of an album rollout circuit, w


Halsey trades out her classic EDM-pop mystique for a darker take on romance on her latest single “Graveyard.” The song is yet another piece to her 2020 project Manic, following the release of “Without Me” last October.

The Lumineers

Listen to III, first for its authentic, classic folk songs and brand of charm, second for the lesson it can teach us –– a lesson learned never too early and never too late.


If there’s anything Riot Fest is perfect for, it’s that ― that you can find people just like you, no matter how weird you are.


Never a sparse or stable moment, the album toys with our expectations as it deftly cuts back between the rougher MAFIA we met on Veteran to a softer, subdued version introduced to us on All My Heroes Are Cornballs.


The Jonas Brothers have become a symbol for the golden years of my youth, and the band has played into the nostalgia by revisiting the music that now serves as an artifact of our childhoods.


hat weirdness is what makes Alex G who he is, and he’s never ashamed to let his goofiness shine. Luckily, this doesn’t detract from his music and its message. Instead, it adds accessibility, cutting the weight off some of the heavier tracks.


Graffiti launches Blair out of the fresh-faced cat mourning phase and into elevated lyricism with trickier, embedded meaning.