“Let’s turn off the blue lights,” Iceage frontman Elias Bender Rønnenfelt muttered at the beginning of their show last Friday. Suddenly, the patient audience at El Club was plunged into darkness.

Brendan Urie

I would like to preface this review by stating I am the person at Daily Arts least expected to write it. I am by no means a Panic!



“That’s tight. It’s A$AP Rocky, yeah?”

The Carters in the Louvre

Ever since “‘03 Bonnie & Clyde,” Jay-Z and Beyoncé have wanted you to know two things about their relationship: they’re in love and they’re rich. For years that’s the most they’ve cared to divulge.

Fire Flies

Sometimes, you have to go backward in order to go forward. This seems to have been the major takeaway for musician Damon Albarn and artist Jamie Hewlett, the creative duo behind the British virtual band Gorillaz.

First Aid Kit

There’s a line on “It’s a Shame,” a single from First Aid Kit’s most recent album, Ruins, in which the two Söderberg sisters lament, “Sometimes the night cuts through me like a knife.” Sunday night at The Pageant was just as sharp.

Kanye in Wyoming

The rollout for ye began like any other Kanye West album — clouded in mystique, with tales of recording sessions deep in the wilderness, controversial Twitter antics and half of the country hating him with a passion by the time it was all over.

Lindsey Jordan

It’s not like this needs to be restated, but being a teenager is cool. Adolescence is full of unnecessarily intense and embarrassing experiences that shape the rest of your life. It’s often forgotten though, in the race to grow up, the odd beauty and shame of that period of your life.

Brandi Carlile

On tour for their new album By the Way, I Forgive You, Brandi Carlile stopped by Ann Arbor, graduating from The Ark (where they have played earlier in their career) to the Michigan Theater.

Lykke Li

Pop has made a turn toward sadness in the last decade. In 2008, the only two options for the angsty were either going full emo or embracing every artist on the “Garden State” soundtrack with open arms.