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The most notable aspect of the album is the way it holds onto the old while still introducing something new. Instead of trying to brush their old image away and start fresh, the Jonas Brothers gladly revisit their past work, whether it be recreating old YouTube videos or performing their old music at live shows.

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The modern music industry is in desperate need of soul.

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BROCKHAMPTON took the stage, rocking bright silver jumpsuits in front of a massive golden airplane, sitting in the palms of two big blue hands. A hint at an upcoming album and rebrand?

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Heidecker, who is best known as one half of the comedy duo Tim and Eric, tends to combine intensity with humor in his political music. On his recent single “To The Men,” however, he veers straight into quiet solemnity.

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Aurora carries the listener on a journey to visit their inner self, exploring the relationship between more “primal” instincts that would mark us a human, and the conditioned behavior of modern society.

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It smells of adventure. But since it’s New York City, that could also just be stale urine and baking trash in the unforgiving sun.

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And really, it was as if Florence was a goddess. Every word she spoke, the audience strained to hear, catch and hold within their hearts; every request was treated like a commandment.

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For a man who has never been one to hold punches, Skepta keeps to himself on this album. Rather than going on the offensive and cracking wise at whoever pops into his mind first, he instead plays defense and returns any remark made against him to its origin.

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Denzel Curry’s latest release, ZUU, is a love letter to Miami’s Carol City neighborhood. More specifically, ZUU is a love letter to Curry’s home, his mother, his father, his family, his friends and all his influences. It’s his way of showing that even though he lives in Los Angeles now, Carol City still holds a special place in his heart.

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From an abstract perspective, Rumours shouldn’t work as well as it does; Fleetwood Mac’s members’ inability to properly settle their differences shouldn’t have made for a cohesive album, let alone fuel the entire concept of it.