Domino Recording Company

That is not to say that the album is bad. It’s actually very good, but something is off.

Ensign Records

Here lies the persistent difficulty of nostalgia: we know how it all turned out. But does that really matter, when our current infatuation with the nineties is so fun?

Island Records

Sampling is, at this point, a canonical practice in dance music, but this is sampling at its most facile, its most Potemkin.

Sire Records

The day is nigh. Valentine’s day, Saint Valentine’s Day, the Feast of the Valentime, “Valentimes” Day, V-Day — regardless of its many iterations, February 14th is both interpersonally and commercially accepted as the day of love. Unfortunately, love, in the romanticized context of this holiday we’re addressing, seems to carry binary implications — you’re either in it, or you’re out of it.

The RFD Boys

Complete with a red mailbox leaning awkwardly off to the side of the stage inviting patrons to submit their requests, the entire experience was comfortable, easy and warm.


While Girlpool have thoroughly matured as musicians, the album still lives in the yearning mental spaces of their first releases, thoroughly elevated and expanded.


Billie Eilish has the power to scare you shitless. She’s a 17 year old dichotomy, an essence of terror with a fairy-like voice that’s softer than a breeze.


As it begins, the music video for James Blake’s “Mile High,” starring Blake and Travis Scott, doesn’t make much sense.


Right out of the gate, it was clear that the album came out exactly how Boogie imagined.


Gamsky redefines the notion of “being out of it”; He’s dazed, he’s woozy, he's words often associated with unproductivity or an inability to “get it done,” he will be the success that your mom will brag about at Thanksgiving.