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I’ve always been extremely into beauty and skincare, even from a young age. I’ve been doing my makeup everyday since middle school and have kept up with the latest skincare trends.

NOSELL- Shot from a recent Soliela campaign in which two friends of Soliela creators react to getting hit by a slipper, or shibshib in Egyptian dialect)

The Arab diaspora is one of the most widespread diasporas in the world — there are 20 million Arab immigrants livi

HIbah Chungtai

Americans have a large appetite for television shows about police, violent crime investigations, dramatic court hearings and life in prison. It seems like there are endless options of shows about these topics because the demand is so high.


On Aug. 11, 2020, Kamala Harris was announced as the vice president for Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden. Senator Harris’ nomination is a historic first — she is the first Asian American and first Black woman nominee of a major political party in American history.

zoom classroom

As a first-year living on campus during a widespread pandemic, my concerns about daily life at the University of Michigan unsurprisingly continue to increase.


The hospital has a distinct smell. A smell I have tried in vain to find a worthy comparison for, an alternative the rest of the world could understand, maybe the smell of gasoline, or nail polish, or moldy socks, or dirt or a locker room that hasn’t been cleaned in months.


Right off the bat  — I barely did anything during quarantine. I didn’t write the next King Lear, I barely studied for the LSAT, and my pile of to-be-read books went down by exactly four.


Throughout American history, the nation’s culture and mainstream ideologies have undergone significant changes, but one sentiment that has stood the test of time is the concept of the American Dream. This dream states that we can achieve anything we want if we work hard enough.


Content warning: This piece discusses sexual assault.


Family friends playing traditional Arabic instruments at my grandparents’ wedding in Beirut, Lebanon (1972)

I tend to see myself in the art I consume. It’s not my intention to make things about myself, but the ambiguity of art forces me to explore deeper within. Any room left for interpretation becomes a mirror of my experiences — a window into my story.