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Dear University of Michigan Administration,

MiC Contributor

Dear Professor A,



People love talking about my dad. And not about his occupation, his life story, his favorite foods, what sports team he roots for (he always switches so he ends up supporting the winner) or his experience as a brown Muslim man. Rather people love talking about what my dad would do to me if I were to disappoint him.


To be fat is to be guilty.

To be Black is to be guilty.

Little did I know, an African American woman rushing in Panhellenic recruitment was a pretty rare sight. Now I understand why.


But I understand that you may not comprehend that even though we may look the same or even totally different, we all can relate to this
This question of “who am I?”


I can name the South Asian writers I know and have read on one hand.

Yellow Smile

Can’t stop thinking about

My skin. I am confusing. And sometimes, I am confused.

Right now, it’s a faded mocha, the winter has taken a lot out of me

Including my color

And every time I see lingering eyes


Flint Water Crisis

On Feb.