Michigan in Color

Your soulmate does not have to be a romantic one.

The purest form of love I have experienced has come from friendships. I have always believed that a soulmate does not have to come from a romantic relationship. A soulmate can be your friend or even a hobby that you cannot live without.

I talk to God in the dark.

Thank him thirty-three times.

Give praise thirty-three times.

Thirty-three times I say

I’m sorry.

featured art

This piece is a self-portrait focused on disconnection from identity. I made this when I was feeling pretty confused about my own identity. The butterfly is supposed to represent the disconnect of soul, and the blood represents disconnect from the body.


This past November, voters in the U.S. made history by electing not one, but two incredible Muslim women into our 116th House of Representatives.


“Ruchi, how do you live like this? How will you get married?” my mother shook her head, sifting through the ruins of my room. A dissonant pitch filled the air. Being young, messy rooms, disheveled hair and an outspoken voice were the products of my outright opposition.

People wearing protective masks in Macau, China

News Flash! You can criticize the Chinese Communist government and the Chinese imperialism sympathizers for the coronavirus epidemic while standing against racism and xenophobia, as you should.


Sunday is my day for laundry. My self-care day. It sounds odd that throwing dryer sheets would be my healing space, but it is something I will always be able to do for and by myself. I find a certain peace in the lonesomeness. And a certain endless possibility within it.

Destruction of Aztec Spaces and Identities Painting.

Destruction of Aztec Spaces and Identities Painting.

Shea tree

Her voice was like shea butter, from

African trees where healing grows 

Her skin was the bark, pushing

through clay and stony soil and racism


As soon as I stepped into the harshly-lit, humid and ever-so-crowded Beirut airport, familiarity flooded my senses. Anxiety did as well, as it had ever since I boarded the plane from Rome.