Michigan in Color

Lorna Brown

My life has changed significantly since I last wrote “Why I joined Michigan in Color” my perspective of the world has shifted and warped with the passing challenges of my time being a freshman, now a sophomore, at a university whose Black population is only

Efe Osagie

When I joined MiC in December of 2017, I was excited because I had an opportunity to share my experiences as a POC and help others do the same. Effectively elevating POC voices through writing.

Dierra Barlow

I’ve known I was queer for as long as I can remember, in the sense that means odd or unusual according to the dictionary. It’s taken me some time, and deep introspection, to accept my identity as a queer black woman; six years, to be precise.

Grace Cho

The question I’ve always fumbled around my head was “how does a “yellow” person enter the conversation about race in a “Black v white” America?” Common yet subtle experiences have conditioned me to approach this exploration with caution.

Ana Maria Sanchez-Castillo

There were a lot of things I didn't understand about what it meant to be Latina, especially growing up in a community that was less than one percent non-white.

Maya Mokh

I wrote my first piece in The Michigan Daily last year, discussing the hopes I had for myself and for Michigan in Color as a section.

Alpha Phi Alpha, Inc. brothers

December 4th, 1906: Founder’s Day for the first Black Greek Organization in the world at Cornell University, which began as a result of seven men rallying against racism and segregation in academic institutions and beyond.

Photo of Southeast Asia and America

Representation in the media is fought for strongly by many Asians in America, especially those among the country's upper economic class.

Students4Justice is a group specifically created as a coalition for students of color, by predominately Black and brown students.

“Join the Michigan Political Union as we debate the merits of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Resolution: Black Lives Matter is harmful to racial relations in the United States”