Michigan in Color

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Through MiC, I am constantly in community and in conversation with thinkers and storytellers of my generation. I have learned from and been inspired by the voices around me as we connect our ancestral traumas and joys.

Photo courtesy of the author

In many ways, my relationship with MiC has been emblematic of my changing relationship with myself and society that I have undergone throughout my three years of undergrad.


It is difficult to chalk up truth, emotion and productive analysis into a piece of literature — worthy of publishing or being seen by others — when talking about a body of people you consider your world, your light, your kin and your spirit; it is difficult to know what to say to a group of


My mother is a 5 foot 2 inch Indian woman and I’m her only child. This statement alone should speak volumes about our relationship. To compensate for my lack of siblings, at times she acts like my older sister.


Now more than ever before, I have found myself with a fuse shorter than imaginable. I am a ticking time bomb, eager to be set off preemptively.

Kadouh's Traditional Lebanese Breakfast

I share these two classic Lebanese breakfasts recipes hoping you are able to feel connected to something; whether that be yourself, the people you shared the meal with, or the Lebanese culture.

Aakash Ray's interpretation of America's flawed educational system and the indoctrination of minority subjugation.
From left to right: Nando Felten, Darrell Tubbs, Kingsley Enechukwu and Kendall Van Allen (not pictured) are the founders of Building Successful Bridges.

Societal consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic have entirely altered the world of academia. This speaks to the way of life for all students, but particularly students of color and underrepresented students with fewer resources to accomplish their educational goals, or even go to class.


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