Jim Harbaugh

Jim Harbaugh was in attendance at The M Den's Nike Welcome Rally Sunday night.

Sunday night's madness at the Nike Welcome Rally was just part of the Jim Harbaugh experience.

Jim Harbaugh earned enough votes to finish fourth in the 2015 CSG election, if he had been eligible.

If students write in “Jim Harbaugh” on their ballots, Harbaugh’s son of the same name could be elected.

Is it true that everyone really is talking about Jim Harbaugh these days?

Until this point, the oft-repeated refrain that everyone is always talking about Jim Harbaugh has gone largely untested.

Jim Harbaugh went 2-0 as a starting quarterback against Ohio State, preparing him to return to Michigan and coach in "The Game."

Players have come, and players have gone. But it all leads back to Harbaugh, who has brought Michigan back to at least resemble the way it looked when he played three decades ago.

Jake Rudock learned some Michigan history Tuesday night.

Jeff Holzhausen laughed when he heard that Jim Harbaugh might be interested in joining his yearly tradition.

Jim Harbaugh stuck to the script Monday despite a high-stakes rivalry game this week.

During his weekly press conference Monday, Harbaugh held true to form. He made no guarantees, predictions or broad statements about the importance of the upcoming rivalry game.

Jim Harbaugh voiced disappointment at the officiating during Saturday’s game.

Harbaugh insisted after Saturday’s game that the Wolverines were not trying to deceive Rutgers.

Harbaugh’s new gig as the Wolverines’ head football coach hasn’t changed him, Crean said Thursday at Big Ten Basketball Media Day.

Jim Harbaugh at his team's game against Oregon State last week.

Leigh Steinberg has seen Harbaugh’s love for Michigan, ever since the first time he met him in Ann Arbor.

People jumped at the chance to become Harbaugh’s Director of Internal Communications and Operations.