Football coach Jim Harbaugh never heard of any problems with Dr. Anderson.

Jim Harbaugh said he never saw, or heard, anything inappropriate surrounding the late Dr. Robert Anderson, the former University of Michigan doctor accused of sexual abuse by an ever-growing number of people, including ex-football players.

Football coach Jim Harbaugh did not sign a contract extension this spring due to COVID-19.

Harbaugh’s current contract, which runs until the end of the 2021 season, would see him paid $8.05 million this year if not for a 10 percent pay cut agreed to due to the financial deficit facing the athletic department. Instead, Harbaugh will get $7.245 million this year.

Jim Harbaugh spoke in his first press conference this year.

Harbaugh holds hopes to play fall season.

Josh Gattis is stretching the limits of recruiting in the age of COVID-19.

Consistent communication was the key that enabled Michigan to develop its 2021 recruiting class.

Offensive coordinator Josh Gattis has incorporated leadership development into team meetings.

Some practices adopted due to COVID-19 successful and likely to stay.

Led by Giles Jackson, Michigan excited about ‘electric’ 2020 kick returners.

Giles Jackson headlines an arsenal of potential kick returners.

Matt Dudek’s recruiting game plan is already paying dividends for Michigan.

Michigan creatively adjusted its recruiting approach, which seems to be effective amidst a pandemic.

Jay Harbaugh sees promise in Blake Corum.

Blake Corum is making the best of a bad situation, setting himself up to compete for the starting running back position.

Fifth-year senior Chris Evans is one of many viable running backs on Michigan's roster.

Michigan searches for answers amidst running back depth.

University president Mark Schlissel cast doubt on a football season if there are no students on campus.

As colleges and conferences across the country move closer to resuming athletic activities, Michigan President Mark Schlissel is taking a much more measured approach.