'Ready Player One' is in theaters March 29

The film adaptation may be a hit, but I have a feeling it’s headed for Game Over.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in "Twilight"

For a few years, one of the biggest blockbuster franchises that completely saturated the media and its surrounding discourse was a story about a teenage girl’s supernatural romance.

"The Silent Child"

The Oscar nominees for Live Action Short are a mixed bag this year in topic, tone and execution.

"Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool"

The down-to-earth Bening does not match the divaness of Grahame, nor does the introspective Bell align with the easygoing Turner. In the end, this story with so much potential falls short of expectations.

Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams in "Game Night"

Though the film initially manages to grasp audience attention, its hold quickly loosens through its unchecked overeagerness to push humor at viewers, resulting in the unraveling of plot direction and an unclear tone.

Natalie Portman in 'Annihilation'

The film caused me to physically react on numerous occasions; my jaw hung open, I gasped, I covered my mouth in awe. In terms of building visceral, gut-twisting situations, Garland proves himself as a master.

A Netflix original film

A perfect storm sets an improbable sequence of document forging, marriage faking and house acquisition into motion.

Gorge R.R. Martin at ComicCon

When you begin telling a story, you sign a social contract with the people listening.

Edith + Eddie

She views her transition from journalism to documentary filmmaking as a “natural progression and extension,” a chance to use the same tools but with a “broader palette.”

Diane Kruger in "Into the Fade"

Despite its modern re-packaging, however, the story ultimately remains just as trite as ever, and the film stumbles through its runtime as it struggles to decide if it has anything of substance to say.