"Pet Sematary"

Unlike the Creed family’s cat, this one won’t keep popping back up in my life.


I don’t typically keep a running Best Picture tally throughout the year, but I will be quite disappointed if “Transit” does not get at least a nomination in February of 2020.

"The Mustang"

Though it revolves around the bond the bond between Coleman and Marcus, at the center are deeper topics of broken families, the desolation of the criminal justice system and the human necessity for purpose. Delivering quality acting, powerful visuals and an untold story, “The Mustang” is not your average horse movie and it’s well worth the watch.

State Theatre

When the film finally did end in a thunderous explosion, I felt like I had missed a birthday.

Marvel Universe

In the run-up to “Avengers: Endgame,” I’m running down every movie and TV show the MCU has ever put out and ranking them based on how well they tell their stories with the means available to them. This is part two of a four part series.

"Running in Circles"

While shorts may be an occasionally overlooked subsection of cinema, they contain some of the most artistic implementation of film’s unique qualities as a medium of expression.

Agnès Varda

Despite her advanced age by the time “Faces Places” was filmed, Varda maintained a childlike wonder of the world and its inhabitants in the best possible way.

Kranzelbinder Gabriele Productions

You can either view the faces and places shown on-screen as people you never knew and places you have never been, or you can try to adopt the perspective of the person behind the camera, someone who sees what they’re filming as something worth capturing.

"Cow Palace," from the AAFF

Flash some shocking graphics, prop up the images with recycled critiques, pepper it with opaque, self-indulgent tidbits and you’ve got yourself a work of art. What about the audience? What do we have to gain from that?

Verena Looser and Melina Weissenborn

Given my relatively vanilla cinematic taste to begin with, both the short film “Landscape of Absence” and feature film “<3” pushed my personal definition of art and proved a bit challenging to digest.