Knight of Cups

Malick's films ask deep philosophical questions without giving the answers.

I read some 10 negative reviews and had three different friends and my brother tell me to save my money, and I still went to see BVS. I am a slave to this genre.


Doris’s integrity as her own person is consistent throughout, keeping her from seeming silly as she chases a man decades younger than her.

“Boy & the World”

It’s one of those films with pacing so perfect, it’s impossible to look away.

“Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”

When companies churn out a movie with the sole purpose of creating hype for the sequel, the movie at hand inevitably suffers a tragic fate.


What happens when someone you love dies? What happens when you try to love again?


The filmmakers have obviously had time to think about what made the first film successful, but the sequel uses these themes to run the movie into the ground.

Story so effectively illustrates the frustration of Black people being persecuted for just living their lives in a space that refuses to let them.


It’s the Silver Age of Greek mythology played out with the pulpy suspense and visual identity from the Silver Age of comic books.

Simply put, the movie is not very scary.