The CGI in “The Jungle Book” has been lauded for the new standard it sets in the industry.


Historical purists and Miles Davis biography junkies aren’t going to love it.


Just like eating a warm, flaky dinner roll, consuming “Dough” is an extremely enjoyable experience.


‘Krisha’ is a film you should see alone.


Anime is a loaded word.

Remembrance has been at the back of my mind because, at the end of this column, I will, in all likelihood, ever write about film again.

M-agination Films, an entirely student-run production company at the University, celebrated their 15th year of filmmaking with a festival showcasing 12 original short films.


The most terrifying science fiction is not the stuff of nightmares, but of reality.


The main character finds joy in the wreckage and pain. The audience will not.

“Get a Job”

While crude humor may have been the intent, the material can better be described as downright disgusting.