“A Dog’s Way Home” plays less like a movie than it does a series of stitched together YouTube videos, as if an aspiring editor with a lot of time on their hands took to the internet, cut together the most endearing stock footage of dogs they could find and somehow convinced Bryce Dallas Howard (“


It’s not a bad movie. It’s not a good movie. It’s a well-acted but deeply uninspired movie which tries for social relevance and falls flat on its face.


“Roma” instead is distinguished by a fresh realism, for Cuarón refuses to narrate tragedy aimlessly or callously in a way that would justify drowning a character just to make a more convincing sea.

Sandra Bullock in "Bird Box"

The film’s simultaneous ability to make us jump with fright and reflect deeply may just be enough to erase the wrongs of its predecessors.


Plot sound familiar? That’s probably because it is.


On the surface, “Dumplin’” seems like every other angsty teen movie — Willowdean Dickson (Danielle Macdonald, “Patti Cake$”) has a strained relationship with her mother, Rosie (Jennifer Aniston, “Mother’s Day”), and drama ensues because Willowdean feels like Rosie will never understand her.

"Maria by Callas"

By promising to tell Callas’s stories on her terms, the filmmakers boxed themselves in.


More than any of these live-action “Transformers” films, “Bumblebee” has a heart.


In an exclusive phone interview with The Michigan Daily, Goldhaber talks about the process of making the film, finding his lead from a “Black Mirror” episode and normalizing sex work through an immersive narrative.

"Rugrats Hanukkah"

As a child of an interfaith marriage between a Jewish father and a Lutheran mother, I have a slightly different perspective on holiday specials than most.