Charley and Lean on Pete

What’s better than a story about a man and his dog? A story about a man and his horse. Er, a boy and his horse, in the case of “Lean on Pete,” the most recent film from the burgeoning powerhouse that is A24 and director Andrew Haigh.

"Every Day" Film

“Every Day” tells the story of A, an entity that wakes up in a different body every morning and has to live a day in that person’s literal and metaphorical shoes.

"Blumhouse's Truth or Dare" Film

“Truth or Dare” — oh, sorry, I mean “Blumhouse’s Truth or Dare” — is the kind of movie that asks a lot of questions.

Mariska Hargitay in "I Am Evidence"

Nothing in “I Am Evidence” is groundbreaking or surprising to anyone who knows anything about how inadequate our law system is regarding this issue specifically.

Vincent Elbaz in "I Am Not An Easy Man"

This is exactly what the essence of Pourrait’s film is getting at. It is only in a fictitious, female-run world that Alexandra can get away with casual hook-ups unscathed because in reality, her character would be condemned for not adhering to social norms.

Aleksey Rozin and Maryana Spivak in "Loveless"

At first glance, “Loveless” appears to be a film about a tragic marriage that results in a runaway child. But it has way more complexity than that

Shia LaBouf in "Borg v. McEnroe'

The film uses the character flaws built into Borg and into McEnroe to create a satisfying ending, even if only one of them can go home the champion that year.

The English-speaking dogs of 'Isle of Dogs'

Anderson claims he dislikes dubbed Japanese movies, yet that is essentially what he has done with “Isle of Dogs,” albeit in a more cinematic, purposeful fashion.

Kirsten Dunst in "Virgin Suicides"

The film raises questions on helicopter parenting, fetishizing tragedy and the loneliness of girlhood with such expertise and nuance that it is hard to believe it was Coppola’s first feature film.

Michael Rainey Jr. in "Amateur"

The script attempts to take a full look at the dangerous effects that a singular focus on sports can have on a person but comes up short in providing the necessary depth to tackle these issues correctly.