"The Lego Movie"

As it stands, this second Lego movies that we do have accurately reflects with it is like for children to play with Lego, because the story comes across as though it was completely made up as its writers went along.


“Velvet Buzzsaw,” a hot mess of high art horror-satire from Netflix, is the absolute best kind of bad movie. Written and directed by Dan Gilroy (“Nightcrawler”), the film is such a nebulous rollercoaster of jumbled ideas and characters that there is not one dull moment throughout.

20th Century Fox

The world can be unfeeling and cruel, but “The Kid Who Would Be King” explains to its young audience that they don’t have to be, and in its sincerity, it may remind adults of the same thing.


If you asked my twelve-to-sixteen-year-old self who the dreamiest celebrity was you would get one answer, and one answer only: Leo.

"Cold War"

I was looking for an antidote. With Valentine’s Day a week out, I tried not to get my hopes up. But I was searching for a romance film that tasted better: not the syrupy spoonful of infeasibility, not the stale sensation of overused formula, not the acrid aftertaste of leftover chauvinism.

"Honey Boy"

Like a buried, bruised memory come to life, “Honey Boy” is as unabashedly raw in its depiction of troublesome father-son dynamics as it is vibrant in its fantastic performances.

"Big Time Adolescence"

Experiment. Challenge. Question. Break.

Matt Damon in "The Departed"

“The Departed” is all about paradoxes. The paradox of Irish reservation and sculpting identity, the paradox of committing and preventing crimes, the paradox of deep narrative complexity and the curt dialogue of wise guys. It’s an ordeal of oxymorons, but one that manages to hold distinct place in the canon of organized crime films.


Last Tuesday, I was awakened from my mid-afternoon nap to what sounded like a party happening on the second floor.


Considering how the story is based loosely on Baig’s own life experience, it’s somewhat exasperating that “Hala” fails to convey any new, insightful truths about the rocky tidal wave of growing up.