The film is horribly balanced in terms of emotion, lacking gravity where it is badly needed and placing stress in high doses where it is unnecessary.


What used to be a term used to criticize writers and directors for using women solely as props has now become a term to demean or dismiss the women themselves.

“Songs from the North”

Having only heard the stories of grateful defectors, seeing the faces of those who maintain North Korea’s tense position in world affairs is shocking.

“Before the Flood”

Before the Flood” does an impressive job of showcasing the multiple perspectives surrounding climate change, as well as its real-time impacts and possible solutions.


The film, miserable as it is, does deserve some credit.

“The Dressmaker”

Not exactly ‘bad’ or ‘good,’ it’s a profoundly bizarre mess of a film that’s sort of amazing in a ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its parts’ kind of way, but mostly terrible in every other respect.


‘Generic’ seems to be the word that best sums up ‘Never Go Back.’

This is all to say the obvious: the media is important.

‘Dekalog’ reveals its depth slowly, assembling each character’s situation carefully before peeling it back in layers to reveal the moral dilemma at its core.

Around the two-hour mark of “American Honey,” I sat in the theater fidgeting and doing something I (almost) never do — covertly checking the time on my phone.