"Survivor: Michigan"

At first we all thought they were mostly doing it just as a fun way to spend a semester, but pretty quickly we started to understand that to the people competing, it was no simple game.

"Isn't It Romantic?"

This is the most human, most authentic Rebel Wilson I’ve seen yet. She isn’t defined by her size, as she seems to be in virtually every other film of comparable popularity.

"High Flying Bird"

The movie offers whatever you’re willing to put in.


Though varying in subject matter, through their common themes of youth, childhood and power in a fresh light, the 2019 Oscar Short Films perfectly complement one another.

"Tito and the Birds"

Now, the two- and five-year-old whom I babysat often impressed me with their efforts to connect the dots and sometimes their accuracy as well. Unfortunately, the endeavor becomes less impressive the older you get, so I cannot let the trio of adult men (Gustavo Steinberg, “End of the Line,” Gabriel Bitar, “Cidade Cinza,” and Andre Catoto, “Say I am Only Seventeen”) who directed “Tito and the Birds” off the hook.

Universal Pictures

With a story centering on the multiverse and time travel and a host of other pseudo-science mumbo jumbo, it embraces the silliness at the core of its premise and plays as an out-and-out sci-fi comedy.

20th Century Fox

What it lacks in brains, the film makes up for with pure, unabashed earnestness.

Elise Godfryd

Overall, these shorts are great, and each one approaches its subject matter with considerable care.

"Cold Pursuit"

The first fifteen minutes of “Cold Pursuit” hit all the clichés we’d expect. Neeson steps out into the night, kills people, growls at people and kills people after growling at them.

"Valentine's Day"

It’s like if you make pie and fill it with things that individually taste good, then mix them all together in a dough of weak plot and flimsy characters.