"Those Who Come Will Hear"

Plouffe profiles multiple cultures across the expanse of Quebec, but his search is never shallow.


Does Instagram make you feel good? For most people, the answer is going to be no.

"Did You Wonder Who Fired the Gun"

Through the link he stresses between present and past racial climates, Wilkerson shatters the false belief that America is living in a post-racial society, illustrating that our past has in fact become our present.

The Big House in "The Big House"

The crowd roars. That familiar voice blares across the stadium, “Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the Michigan marching band ... Band, take the field!” It’s a ritual, a Saturday morning tradition, and has been the central hub of activity in Ann Arbor on weekends for almost a hundred years.


The 74-minute, dialogue-less feature does more by saying nothing at all

Arts, Interrupted

17 directors, including 14 students from the University of Michigan, worked on The Big House. The Big House is a direct cinema documentary focusing on the Michigan football stadium and the people who work, watch and play there.

"Love, Simon"

I can imagine thousands of queer kids getting so much from this film, from seeing a new possibility of being gay in our time.

Daniela Vega in "A Fantastic Woman"

“A Fantastic Woman” is about not judging others. It urges us to be accepting and to open our minds and our hearts.

Selfie culture rules in "The Bling Ring"

The film’s soundtrack emphasizes the kind of aspirational lifestyle these children have been sold: one of excess.

Alicia Vikander in "Tomb Raider"

Only rarely could such baseline mediocrity be something to be celebrated, but that’s the state of the video game movie genre.