In the short, Jimenez rearranges his early-life experience of a fractured family in the story of three characters: a mother and father, newly divorced from one another, and a young boy who splits his time between the two, staying with his mom during the week and his father on weekends. What is important about Jimenez’s representation of this experience is that the young boy is not in the middle of his parents’ divorce; he is at the center.


By not fully utilizing its talented cast and focusing too heavily on the heist framework, the movie loses itself and its viewers.

"Captive State"

There will always be room for movies like “Captive State,” the latest from director Rupert Wyatt, whose “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” kicked off one of the best movie trilogies of the last few decades.

"Wedding Crashers"

TV Beat Editor Ally Owens revisited a 2000s classic in “Wedding Crashers” over break – here’s what she thought.

"Captain Marvel"

“Captain Marvel” is the first movie in Marvel’s decade-long franchise to feature a leading lady and, despite what online discourse would have you believe, it doesn’t put the entire weight of the world on its shoulders.

"Game of Thrones"

With last week’s release of the much anticipated trailer for Season 8 of the HBO megahit “Game of Thrones,” one thing is clear: The end is near.

"Never Look Away"

This is not your average World War II film, either. Von Donnersmarck gives the viewer an intimate look into mid-and post-War Germany.


“Climax,” Gasper Noé’s latest film venture, is designed to push its audience over the edge. Everything about it, from the plot to the music to the cinematography, is beyond disturbing. And I absolutely loved it.

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The prospect of removing crime from its circumstances — of sitting robed, elevated, deciding what individual gets to atone for societal ills and of looking at a child offender with the same removed contempt as one would look at an adult offender: these are absurdities in Labaki’s book.

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This is the sort of movie you choose to reward if you believe you live in a post-racial society, but we don’t, and it is dangerous to believe that we do.