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Even though the film remains entertaining on the surface, the logic of its finale crumbles even to the casual card player.

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In a powerful display of tactile eroticism and primal arousal, Elio penetrates a peach while he masturbates. The incorporation of sound and texture, the layered symbolism of peach as penetrable orifice and juice as ejaculate: This scene resonates as the purest synchronization of literature and film.

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I found myself wondering how in the world I was ever allowed to watch this movie in school when I was thirteen.

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“Autonomy” is focused on delineating the glamour and danger of cars, and it makes a captivating case for the role cars have, will and should play in our daily lives. However, it never stops to ask why we’re committing our innovative energy to rethinking personal vehicles.

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It might be the most average movie, but “Pokémon Detective Pikachu” is the most fun moviegoing experience I’ve had in years.


I am unsure exactly what I expected from Judd Apatow’s (“Trainwreck”) “The 40 Year Old Virgin,” but I reflect on the viewing experience with regret. Until this week, I hadn’t seen the 2005 comedic classic.

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Let’s talk about sex. Sex in film is a bit like the wild west — I’ve seen the good, the bad and definitely the ugly. Sex can be a blank canvas for a director, an arena in which to explore relationships between characters and to build the atmosphere of the film.


“Long Shot” is certainly titled around its premise: The political rom-com stars Charlize Theron (“Tully”) as the U.S. Secretary of State and Seth Rogen (“The Interview”) as her speechwriter and eventual love interest.

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Marvel could have crumbled under the weight of their own ambition, their massive ensemble or the hype they’ve built up around this thing. It would have been hard to blame them for stumbling as they crossed the finish line. Instead, they’ve done something truly miraculous once again. With “Endgame,” they’ve given their unprecedented 21-chapter franchise an equally unprecedented ending.

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Daily Film explores iconic endings as the school year comes to a close.