The movie primarily consists of EDM intercut with shots of women’s cleavage. That’s about it.

“Gimme Danger”

A beginner’s guide to The Stooges should be included with every student’s summer orientation itinerary at the University of Michigan.


What ‘TrumpLand’ might suffer from is a lack of Trump.

On Friday in Rackham Amphitheatre, University Students Against Rape hosted Lunafest, an annual traveling film program sponsored by Luna Bars.


Gibson draws on well-worn war movie tropes, but even in doing so, cleverly subverts them.

“The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.”

Intense violence is not new in “The Walking Dead,” or anywhere on screen for that matter.

The documentary ‘Agents of Change’ looks at the untold story of the struggle for a more meaningful education for Black students on college campuses around the country in the late 1960s.


With her bug-eyed stare and subtle Texas twang, Carrie’s the perfect religious-girl-who-loses-it. And when she does lose it, she does so with one of the best depictions of paralyzing rage I’ve ever seen.

“Agents of Change”

“Agents of Change” should act as a reminder that progress is always, not only a possibility, but a probability when passionate, motivated people come together for a movement greater than themselves.

“Jennifer’s Body”

The movie never intended to frighten with jump scares or monster makeup. “Jennifer’s Body” was about the visceral, heart-pounding brutality with which teenage girls tear themselves and each other apart.