The movie is entertaining but when a film takes on so much, we expect so much more than what “Remember” gives us.


“Cart” not only brings awareness to unfair practices targeting vulnerable demographics in real life, but also manages to keep you engaged with well-paced setbacks and advancements that never feel derived.


“The Huntsman: Winter’s War” fails to offer anything new to the fairytale genre.


Many narratives in popular film concern the upper class, but this one in particular has an elitist exclusivity inherent to its central struggle.


Jude constructs his shots carefully, establishing the mountainous background as if it, too, were one of our main characters.


Who would have thought that there could be an entire movie based around bathing culture?

Peggy Guggenheim: Art Addict

The film inspired so many questions in me. It made me want to learn about the artists that Guggenheim loved and was loved by.

Knight of Cups

Malick's films ask deep philosophical questions without giving the answers.

I read some 10 negative reviews and had three different friends and my brother tell me to save my money, and I still went to see BVS. I am a slave to this genre.


Doris’s integrity as her own person is consistent throughout, keeping her from seeming silly as she chases a man decades younger than her.