"Gloria Bell"

“Gloria Bell” isn’t your typical coming-of-age movie, and its titular character certainly isn’t your typical coming-of-age protagonist. In a standard coming-of-age film, the protagonist is most likely a teenager or a twenty-something, with the bulk of their life ahead of them.

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Mitch is the kind of man we all should emulate. So, I say a heartfelt happy birthday to Mr. Malden, with gratitude for enriching and adding depth to my favorite film.

"The Dirt"

For die hard Mötley Crüe fans, “The Dirt” may have a bit more appeal because at least then audiences can resonate with the band’s music, which actually takes a backseat role to the heavy focus on the substance abuse and sex that make up the majority of the film. That being said, for non-fans this movie is basically nothing more than a borderline pornographic depiction of rowdy rockers getting into trouble and coping with their inevitable spiral toward addiction.


Following the unqualified success of “Wonder Woman,” the equally unqualified failure of “Justice League” and that time they let James Wan dose the entire world with a cocktail of crack cocaine, LSD, and seaweed, it’s safe to say that the future of the DC films slate is somewhat in flux, to say nothing of the numerous behind-the-scenes shake-ups.

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Rather than being grounded in the answers it provides, the power of “Us” comes in the questions it leaves lingering in its wake


On Tuesday I was fortunate to attend the world premiere of “Inhuman,” a short film by Hayley Tibbenham, a junior in the School of Music, Theatre & Dance.

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If you’re like me, the total probably caps out at a stunning two: “ciao” and “rigatoni.” But you might know another without even thinking about it: “Consigliere.” And the reason we are all so familiar with the term is one film: “The Godfather.”


In the short, Jimenez rearranges his early-life experience of a fractured family in the story of three characters: a mother and father, newly divorced from one another, and a young boy who splits his time between the two, staying with his mom during the week and his father on weekends. What is important about Jimenez’s representation of this experience is that the young boy is not in the middle of his parents’ divorce; he is at the center.


By not fully utilizing its talented cast and focusing too heavily on the heist framework, the movie loses itself and its viewers.

"Captive State"

There will always be room for movies like “Captive State,” the latest from director Rupert Wyatt, whose “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” kicked off one of the best movie trilogies of the last few decades.