The English-speaking dogs of 'Isle of Dogs'

Anderson claims he dislikes dubbed Japanese movies, yet that is essentially what he has done with “Isle of Dogs,” albeit in a more cinematic, purposeful fashion.

Kirsten Dunst in "Virgin Suicides"

The film raises questions on helicopter parenting, fetishizing tragedy and the loneliness of girlhood with such expertise and nuance that it is hard to believe it was Coppola’s first feature film.

Michael Rainey Jr. in "Amateur"

The script attempts to take a full look at the dangerous effects that a singular focus on sports can have on a person but comes up short in providing the necessary depth to tackle these issues correctly.


For what it’s worth, Kay Cannon’s directorial debut — a film about three teenage girls on a quest to lose their virginities on prom night and their parents’ quest to try and stop them — does humor and heart well when the two are isolated from each other.

"A Quiet Place"

Along with its moments of paralyzing fear, ‘A Quiet Place’ weaves a moving emotional arc about family, love and sacrifice.

The dogs of 'Isle of Dogs'

The Michigan Daily’s film writers discuss Anderson’s style, body of work and legacy, in response to the release of “Isle of Dogs.”

The dogs of "Isle of Dogs"

You wouldn’t expect it from an outlandish film about animated dogs, but “Isle of Dogs” may be one of Anderson’s most impressive and poignant offerings to date.

"Happy Anniversary"

Some films seem destined to succeed. Look at any Marvel movie, complete with a star director, superstar cast and a plot as uninteresting as it is easily digestible.

Zoey Deutch in "Flower"

“Flower” is hollow entertainment.


The majority of the film follows men dressed in shabby costumes, improvising lines people would only find funny after a concentrated dose of THC.