Even though Smeed doesn’t spend much of her time painting and drawing anymore, she stressed the importance for young artists to keep pursuing art in a more traditional, pen-and-paper kind of way.

“Gilmore Girls”

I’m a fan. But I’m one of those second-wave fans that found Gilmore Girls after the show stopped airing on TV.


More than anything, “Loving” is about the people who are forced to bend to the will of the dominant ideology.


“Stardust” and I have a history.


‘Rules Don’t Apply’ is stuffed with the thematic material — religiosity, capitalism, gender, psychology, wealth — that could make the film truly special, but Beatty doesn’t go all the way.


To the movie’s credit, “Allied” does get progressively more interesting as the story comes together.

“America” is entirely unpretentious, lovingly made and tells a genuinely engaging — even haunting — story.


While the film disappoints on setting, it overwhelmingly delivers in its exploration of the world of magical creatures.


The movie walks the line of cliché, but its familiarity works in its favor.


After the initial eeriness of the premise wears itself out, there’s no tension at all, just scene after scene of jump scares and Mary worrying about jump scares.