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By the end of Volume 2, I wished I stopped at Volume 1.

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While I can’t vouch for every poker movie I’ve mentioned on this series, I say without a doubt that “Rounders” is my favorite poker movie.


I watched this movie with my poor mother, who now has a new least favorite film.

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At this point in the 21st century, there isn’t anything romantic comedies haven’t done, short of actually casting someone who isn’t white in the lead (though Netflix has endeavored to fill that void recently). That said, I liked the movie — and so did the rest of Spain.

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Sexuality is a part of someone’s identity, and is thus not a toy. While a surface read might yield a positive interpretation, that the film shows empowered women exerting socio-sexual dominance over men, a closer look reveals a troubling disregard for consent and disrespect for personal sexual preferences.

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Never have I seen those imprecise feelings — the ill-ease that comes with revisiting our bygone work, the floating sensation you experience when a musician just moves you — so precisely captured on screen.

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The truth is, Bond wins with luck — luck that diminishes the audience’s belief in his card-playing skills for the rest of the movie.

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Weed- and alcohol-obsessed, Maggie and the gang don’t care much about anything else, at least as far as audiences are concerned. Their characters are flat and bare. Ostentatiously, one teen asks Maggie, “What, you don’t vape?” It’s difficult not to laugh.


Well choreographed, intricately shot and with minimal cutting, these action sequences have redefined action movies for an entire generation of young film-lovers.

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“Booksmart” is a glorious celebration of the joys that come with being a teenage dirt bag. It’s also Olivia Wilde’s (“Life Itself”) directorial debut. It’s also so, so good.