"The Death of Stalin"

Watching the film is like looking in a funhouse mirror at an absurd and vaguely horrifying image in which we can’t help but see vestiges of our reality.

John Krasinski

“I’m an emotional dude so I’ll tell you everything.”

"Infinity War"

I don’t particularly care for these Marvel movies, but I am hopeful about “Infinity War.”

Chante Adams in "Roxanne Roxanne"

It’s a story told and repeated since time immemorial, making it clear that in the projects, talent and love aren’t the keys to getting out but another thing to be monetized.

"The Impossible Picture"

The film pushes almost too far in the abstract that it causes it to be hard to follow.

"Memories of Disintegration"

Thematically, all the short films, in some capacity, deal with ideas of memory, identity and the self.


The experience of watching “Honane” is like someone letting you in on a well-kept secret, like an existential conversation between old friends in the middle of the night, like driving with friends through your hometown in the summer.

"Blade Runner 2049"

In anticipation of the 56th installment of the Ann Arbor Film Festival, Nelson spoke with The Daily over the phone to discuss the festival, his films and his career.

"Those Who Come Will Hear"

Plouffe profiles multiple cultures across the expanse of Quebec, but his search is never shallow.


Does Instagram make you feel good? For most people, the answer is going to be no.