The Night Comes for Us

Is the aim of everyone with a gun in the movie comically bad? For sure.

Michael is back

The director’s understanding of what works in the original film can’t be denied, but that all too rarely carries over into understanding what works in his own film.

"Dragonfly Eyes"

Though creative in its cinematography, “Dragonfly Eyes” presents a blurred sequence of events that leaves the audience’s questions about the disturbing storyline unanswered — perhaps for good reason.

22 July

With any dramatization of a real-life event, the question of exploitation arises.

The First Man

It’s just not that easy to connect with the character of Neil Armstrong.

Robert Redford

Above all, the film oozes humanity, and that’s why its impact is so memorable.

Bad Times at the El Royale

Goddard isn’t looking to merely replicate his favorite pulp films; he has got something to say.


“Apostle” is predictable in its exploration of a cult and, when Netflix tries to combat this with the island goddess twist, the movie just becomes a scary Halloween movie instead of some kind of psychological religious thriller.

Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper in 'A Star is Born'

For all intents and purposes, movie trailers aren’t the best reflection of the stories they attempt to condense into 90-120 seconds, and more often than not, a pop song can be a major cause of this distortion.

The latest iteration of 'Avatar'

It’s possible the travelogue nature of the series will fall a bit flat if whole seasons are released at a time, as is the Netflix way.