"Early Man"

After an inspired first act, the humor steadily spirals into clumsy pratfalls and dragged-out unfunny gags.

Chadwick Bosman in "Black Panther"

“Black Panther” is a revolutionary, important and dynamic film that showcases a diverse ensemble cast of powerful Black actors and builds a world where African people have the technology and agency to determine world order.

Irreplaceable You

This acceptance of its limitations aside, the film is still fundamentally flawed in its initial failure to invest viewers into Sam and Abbie’s relationship, a misstep that slows the already dry and uninspired plotline.

"The Divine Order"

“The Divine Order” tries too hard to force feed a town down the audience’s throat.


1) If you’re in love with your best friend... 


Tarantino’s love affair with the Hollywood culture of the Miramax/Weinstein company era shouldn’t come as a surprise.


Every good romantic comedy has a solid emotional core at its heart. “When We First Met” completely fails in this regard.


Viewers finish the trailer with a gist of what the film is about –– a creepy family dealing with some less-than-ideal common behaviors –– but don’t have quite enough information to figure out how the film will play out.


But that leaves “The Florida Project” with a total of one nomination, the same amount of nominations as “Boss Baby.”


It’s cinematic hypocrisy at its worst.