Detroit Resident Piper Carter talks about Foundation, a group supporting women in hip hop, in East Quad on Monday.

Monday evening, a small group of students gathered in East Quad for a workshop focused on the intersection of hip-hop and social justice. The event, titled “Hip-Hop as Activism Workshop,” included presentations on hip-hop culture as well as spoken-word and breakdancing performances.

Semester in Detroit Program Coordinator Alana Hoey-Moore, Ford School Senior Blair Sucher, and Ford School Junior Thomas Hislop discuss Detroit Week on the Diag on Monday.

Detroit Week, a week dedicated to showcasing the culture and energy of Detroit, kicked off Monday afternoon in the Diag, with students from The Detroit Partnership promoting events happening throughout the week.

Timeline of Detroit Public Schools

For many Detroit schools, the deterioration is largely tied to the district’s now-crippling accumulation of debt.

PawnGuru, a Detroit-based financial technology startup, is banking on its goal to transform the pawn industry—with University students.