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On the Daily

A community-wide debate on whether the event negatively appropriated Black Hip Hop culture and history on the “ANN ARBOR LOVES LIVE MUSIC!” Facebook group led to the cancellation.

Two Republican presidential candidates were in Michigan on Wednesday — Florida Sen. Marco Rubio and neurosurgeon Ben Carson, a University alum.

15 Years ago this week (Dec. 14, 2000)

U.S. District Judge Patrick Duggan ruled that the University’s policy of using race as a contributing factor in undergraduate admissions was constitutional.

Renowned film producer Ira Deutchman announced Wednesday he would donate archives spanning his 40-year film career to the University’s Screen Arts Mavericks & Makers collection.

The full text of the resolution issued Friday by Ohio Gov. John Kasich. The letter 'M' is crossed out and highlighted in red throughout the resolution.

You won’t see many Ohioans wearing khakis on Saturday.

LSA senior Breah Dean hosts a "friendsgiving" gathering for a group of her six friends, who met last semester while studying abroad in Switzerland on Monday.

There’s a new Thanksgiving tradition. Dubbed “friendsgiving,” the occasion allows friends to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday together a few days ahead of the traditional family feast. In recent years, the unofficial holiday has become increasingly popular, especially among millennials. 

Michigan Basketball

Supporters and fans of Michigan football came out in droves Monday afternoon to express condolences after the passing of Chad Carr, the 5-year-old grandson of former Michigan coach Lloyd Carr.