Community Culture

Sammy Sussman

It’s something that I’ve never experienced before and I’ll probably never experience again: a town filled with 44,000 people just like me, with 44,000 people around my age, all of whom live in the same town for the same reason.

The Big House

It always impresses me how creative people get with their game day outfits. Personally, I try to be as glam as humanly possible. I wear costume diamond drop earrings with a bright yellow 20 dollar fur coat.

Ben Vassar

As homecoming and reassimilation comes to a close in Ann Arbor, where does it leave you?

Eli Rallo

This campus has broken my heart twice, it has afforded me the ability to travel to South Africa to study theatre, it has broken me and mended me.

Zachary M.S. Waarala

The work that once seemed superhuman now made sense. It was tactile — and I could do it myself.

Dana Pierangeli

We need days where we work nine to five at a dream internship and days when we sleep till 12 p.m. and write crappy plays, or even just binge Netflix. Growth is a process, and all forms of creativity add to it.

Heidi Schreck

Recently in Birmingham, Alabama, as the byproduct of a near-total abortion ban, Planned Parenthood announced they will build new women’s facilities.

Sammy Sussman

It’s not just a unique voice, I’ve come to realize, that marks a successful artist. It’s also an ability to bend style to match this artistic voice.

The Allman Betts Band at the Ann Arbor Blues Festival

Despite the widespread falling-off of the genre over the years, I was delighted to see that the blues were alive and well in Ann Arbor, kept alive by the love of its audience.

Alix Curnow

As Welcome Week wears on, I can sense my mind drifting away from the dreamy allure of May, June, July and August. Soon enough, it’s caught in the swing of university life.