Community Culture


MUSKET did a wonderful job of giving the audience glimpses of the underlying fascist revolution while maintaining that life revolved around the complete opposite — parties and wild entertainment.

Aurdra McDonald

McDonald reminded me, as a young performer, of why I started singing in the first place.


On the corner of Fletcher and South Thayer St. lies 202 South Thayer — a quaint building often overshadowed by the Modern Language Building and North Quad, with whom it shares the intersection.

Together Live X Hello Sunshine

In a world where patriarchal systems in all spheres of American business, entertainment and media seem to dominate, we all need to hear the unfiltered and empowering stories of women, regardless of who we are.

Sammy Sussman

While laughing at these jokes out of context is indeed offensive, laughing at them in context is the opposite of offensive. Laughing in context indicates that we are aware of the offensive tropes or discriminatory assumptions that allow for this humor.


Despite its antiquated setting, the work manages to remain frighteningly relevant.

Keith Alberstadt

The Ann Arbor Comedy Showcase hosted the return Alberstadt for a night of stand-up comedy.


If dance is the art form that makes your heart sing, consider the School of Music, Theatre & Dance’s “hand&hand” Senior BFA showcase.

Opera House

Constructing spaces like this is what keeps Dykers excited about his job.

"Let the Right One In"

The production was dark, both physically and conceptually.