Community Culture

Virgin Records

When you walked out your door this morning, it was probably the first thing you smelled: spring. It’s a sweet ripeness in the air that contrasts with the smokier, earthier scent of colder days weeks prior.


The best writing doesn’t adhere to a standard or yearn for recognition — it only exists in its purest form, despite whether or not it’s loved.

Zachary M.S. Waarala

The JazzLab Ensemble’s performance this past Thursday was truly one of the best performances I have seen from SMTD. The variety and extent of talent that can be found in Ann Arbor is a hallmark of the University.

Evan Ware

Throughout his early career, Ware described treating his art as refuge from this abuse. During his doctoral studies, however, Ware decided to write a symphony about his experiences. This work, which eventually became Ware’s first symphony, dealt with the trauma male survivors frequently face in a society with rigid definitions of masculinity and masculine emotions.

Dana Pierangeli

I walked into the Michigan Theatre with “God, I Hate Shakespeare” from the musical “Something Rotten” stuck in my head. I don’t actually hate Shakespeare anymore.

The cast of Legally Blonde performs "What You Want" in the Power Center last weekend.

d’Avila set out to reinvent what we think of when we think “Elle Woods” and her connection to modern, third wave feminism.


This summer, I’ll be taking the LSAT and applying to law schools. Somewhere over the course of the next two years, I’ll likely be moving out of my home state of Michigan for the first (official) time to attend law school. For some reason, I’m more excited than nervous about all of these things.

A$AP Ferg

SpringFest, the largest student-run event on campus, is an all-day festival and nighttime benefit concert.

Frida Kahlo

Here’s how I know that the word “feminism” is stigmatized. Until recently, I’ve said the words “I’m a feminist” self-consciously. I’ve gotten some uncomfortable laughter, quick looks downward and blank stares.

Eli Rallo

Her first priority is never and would never be herself. Perhaps this is a part of motherhood, or perhaps this is just part of her.