Community Culture

A community of surviving, thriving bacteria and yeasts. Jolly Pumpkin pizza is baked on a sourdough crust, made with a starter that could be 130 years old, has traveled thousands of miles, and changed hands several times. How is this possible?


McDonald is an entertainment powerhouse, and this Thursday, she returns to Hill Auditorium for her sixth concert at the University.

But can “Watchman” tarnish Harper Lee’s legacy? I doubt it. It’s the first pass at the work that would become one of the capital-G Greatest novels in American literature. For that reason alone, “Go Set a Watchman” is worth every page, every word, every moment of your time. It is an artifact, and like any artifact, it should be studied.

This Thursday, A2CT presents “The Addams Family,” a musical comedy based off the well-known characters of Charles Addams’s one-panel cartoons­.

Groover performs at Artscapade.

“Our goal is to try and be that connective tissue, finding ways for them to build their identities or to learn something new about what’s happening on campus,” Levickas said.

Don’t be fooled by the conventionally beautiful, glamorous woman on the cover. Constance Kopp was an intimidating person, made much more so by the fact that she never let general rules of womanly etiquette stop her from slamming rude men against walls.

Without “Watchman”, we wouldn’t have the entrancing book that will make countless young Americans actually enjoy English class. It’s enjoyable to read because even after not penning another book for over 40 years – Lee sure can write.