Community Culture

Helen Frankenthaler

The emphasis of the gallery talk was heavily placed on public evaluation of art in the ’70s. Whether art was considered “good art” to critics and viewers depended on its ability to help advance social movements.

Sandra Cisneros

Writing became agonizing. A cycle had arisen. I couldn't type a sentence without immediately erasing it, typing it again, erasing it again.

Sammy Sussman

Listening to recordings or watching videos of the work, it is hard to fully understand the piece. It is lengthy, dissonant, and emotionally draining.


It is so easy to fall back into that cycle of self-loathing, but my yoga practice is always there to ground me and show me how to love and embrace those features that make me different.


I was 13 years old, at a high school with 94.7 percent white students, and I am playing a Nubian slave.

Hasan Minhaj

Your life can be wildly frustrating, inexplicably hilarious and tremendously confusing at the same time. And Subtle Asian Traits is here for it all.

Jorrel Javier

Magic, Greek mythology and your favorite childhood protagonist are all coming to a stage near you in the form of a brand new touring musical.

Alix Curnow

Audience members are encouraged to enter into this show not expecting to find answers, but rather new ideas and queries about life to ruminate upon.


Brooks welcomed the crowd into the performance, smiling with them, laughing with them, even singing along to his instrument. The music was a perfect blend of familiarity yet inventiveness, nostalgia yet passion — it made you want to cry and dance at the same time.

"Complex Rhythms"

A reminder for the need to increase the diversity of the performing arts and an example of the amazing work being done by those within the canon.