Community Culture

Without knowing the colorful details of your culture differences, which could be as slight as East Coast meets Midwest or as momentous as East Jerusalem meets West Bank, it's hard to know how to guide you.

But our age isn’t the real limiting factor in marathon training — it’s our lifestyle.

During Wednesday’s “An Evening with Drew Barrymore,” the actress is set to speak about her work, read excerpts from the memoir and answer questions.

Artists can make “art for art’s sake,” should they choose, or they can sing about their hotline nostalgias. Both are needed, and both have been fulfilled. Greenberg’s cultural stagnation has been taken off pause.

Through a difficult text, a violent story and a talented cast and crew, A2CT will try to do justice to this Shakespearean classic.

From the 16th to the 21st century, from sacred music to secular, Tenebrae’s mission is to bring music of universally beautiful and accessible music to audiences under the watchwords: “Passion & Precision.”


Sankai Juku’s spectacular achievements are founded on an aesthetic that weds form and content, the doing and the saying seamlessly.

At 34, Muhly is relatively young in terms of the classical scene, and his meteoric rise to fame has been bolstered not only by the fact that he writes concert music with great skill and astonishing rapidity, but also by his interest in modern themes and contemporary life.


“It is in the album, but you’re kind of like a treasure hunter, finding those moments and what’s really in the poetry and what it’s saying,” Goodrich said. “Essentially it’s all there, but it becomes clearer as you put it on stage and give those character voices to individuals.”

Few plays in the history of theater have attracted so much attention for their political resonances as much as ancient Greek playwright and statesman Sophocles’s “Antigone.”