Community Culture

His style is offbeat and challenging, but undeniably funny.

Opera singer Petrus and her accompanying pianist Lydia Qiu will be performing at Britton Recital Hall on Friday, February 12, and at the Detroit Opera House for a Valentine’s Concert on Sunday, February 14.

I realize the phenomenon of the introverted thespian is arising — and it’s an interesting one.

Leslie Bassett focused on the good things amongst the bad and approached everything in life with care and compassion.

“What Belongs to You” has been incredibly well received, with The New York Times regarding it as “an instant classic.”

"I was having a crappy evening of self-pity in 2010 when I had the idea that if I cranked up the songs “Sally Wants” by the band Henry's Dress loud enough, I could break the space-time continuum.”

By this point, the one thing that should be clear is that not everyone — and surely not Dear Gillian — can be trusted for good counsel.

Healthonists don’t just party; they get crunk after completing a marathon, a group bike ride or a Bikram yoga session.

How can women who speak with such depth and resonance about navigating a patriarchal world be so tone-deaf about other cultures?

Patrick Marber's “Closer” skips syrupy-sweet implications to engage with the underbelly of romance.