Community Culture

As the sky turned purple and gray on Monday evening, the Power Center’s cavernous lobby was eerily silent, so empty that for once, its tinted glass walls had nothing to reflect or distort.


LSA senior Fabiana Diaz went onstage with Lady Gaga at the Oscars. It was a rollercoaster ride she wasn’t prepared for.


MTV’s longest-running reality program will be holding a casting call at Good Time Charley’s from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Wednesday, Mar. 23.

“There is a massive amount of suffering in this rich land, and there are hundreds and thousands of questions that remain unanswered about poverty and inequality in America.”

Two men. One musical. A lot of hats. And a lot of laughter.

By the end of the play, concepts ranging from the differences between art and reality to the extent of an individual’s significance are explored, leaving audience members with plenty of material to ponder.

On the surface, happiness seems to have an obvious correlation with wealth and leisure time. The two aren’t exclusively related, however.

The scenes mix drama and comedy, with a focus on themes that appeal to the average Michigan student.

One of the most exciting types of ensembles appearing today is the “new music” ensemble, a group of musicians dedicated to performing the music of living or recently living composers.

Do the people who show us the ideal product of our art fuel us? Or are we hindered by the people who question it?