Community Culture

Stephanie Guralnik

We all suck at commitment.

The Philharmonia Orchestra's annual show

On the day of October 1st (sometimes even before that), our campus suddenly turns orange. Lattes are pumpkin flavored, candy is a meal and “spooky szn” is the go-to Instagram caption. Even concerts take on a special theme.


We all play the capitalism game, no doubt, but this is excess at the expense of us all.


The University Musical Society first invited Sankai Juku to Ann Arbor in 1996. Now, over 20 years later, this weekend will mark their eighth and ninth performances at the Power Center.

Dana Pierangeli

Basement Arts broke from tradition this year and opened their new season not with a play or musical, but with their brand new “Latinx: Caberéy.” Directed by School of Music, Theatre & Dance senior Lauren Kenner with assistance from SMTD sophomores Ruby Pérez and Sammie Estrella, this performa


The night was a perfect example of what can happen when friendship and genius come together, creating a partnership in which innovation can flourish.

Isango Ensemble

They bring their works of cultural fusion all over the world, including a variety of people into the conversation. Their production of Mozart’s “The Magic Flute” was one of their many ingenious inventions of taking a while known classic and making it almost unrecognizable in the best possible ways.

Ryan Cox

Just like the original piece, the Digital Music Ensemble plans on recreating the album through tape. Although Rush wrote that the group plans on recreating the piece as closely as possible, he also chose to make the piece more of their own.


Human hair is not often found in stockings. Neither are rings, cotton balls, jewelry, glitter or nail polish. But hanging ominously in the Irving Stenn Jr.

The Arb in its full, famous fall glory

Fall came on my birthday this year. Not officially, and not according to the seemingly arbitrary “first day of fall” that our calendars mark every year. On that official day, the high was 82 degrees. Given my unconventional love for cold weather, this sequence of events seriously depressed me.