Community Culture

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Groups that had been to BLED FEST many times before like Mover Shaker and newcomers like Pool Kids talked about how special this event was and seemed to truly give everything to their audience.


When I first moved to Southeast Michigan, I was not expecting to find a music scene as active and diverse as the one that exists today.

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Summertime, or springtime if you’re in New York, is two parts sweaty subway fumes and one part after-work cocktails.

Ariel Friedlander

Equal parts carefree and captivating, drag mother-daughter duo Ariana Grindr and Daya Bee-Dee have become something of a fixture in the Ann Arbor queer community.

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It’s ironic, considering I constantly write about the culinary foundation I grew up on, that I actually haven’t lived at home in two years. The seed for my foodie tendencies was planted in a small town on the Jersey Shore and in New York City before I even learned my first words.


As I left the theater, I found that I had forgotten that this was a student production. Had I walked out onto Time’s Square in New York City, I would not have been particularly surprised.

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Narrated by Hamilton’s mortal enemy, Aaron Burr, the musical does a nice job of splitting stage time between Burr and Hamilton; the audience sees the light and the darkness in both leading men. But I beg to ask the question — where are all the women?


Every woman in my family instinctively knows how to cook. We all know how to roll grape leaves, work with filo and make lamb less gamey. There’s a pride in creating joy within sustenance.

Monterey Jazz Festival

A woman in front of me exclaimed “They’re all women!” once they filled onstage.


Given that M-Agination cuts most scripts it receives, these films probably lost their effectiveness at other points in the process. Ironically enough, the films at the M-Agination Film Festival largely lacked imagination.