Community Culture

This year, my New Year’s resolution isn’t to be more organized, more productive, or more focused on school, running, or even my post-graduation plans. Instead, I’m resolving to relax.

“There is a rampant level of accusation about other people’s narcissism, and I guess it irks me in a certain way. I often find myself writing about things that irk me.”


What I really love about “The Bachelor” is that it’s not real life — it is so far from real life — it exists in a different universe.

As an activist, educator and thinker whose work explores and promotes the experience of black women, Tutu’s lecture will be an important entry into Ann Arbor’s discussion of race, gender, and activism.

I learned how to teach myself how to teach myself.

“It’s a really cool collaboration, and it shows how not only does each part possess their own individual talent, but actually how we collaborate as a school.”

His posters contain more than bright colors and cools shapes; they encompass passion, joy, urgency and power.

Boulez’s complex compositions and pointed polemics served him well in his youth, but as he grew as a musician, the tone of his philippics began to soften, and he began to contribute in different ways to the musical discourse.

Unlike the other boys who ask their dads how to shop for women, he’s known all along.

“We’re not just doing this to be like, ‘Hey it’s fun to play with swords,’ but show that, when you are violent towards people, there are consequences to relationships that were once awesome and then fail.”