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Sankai Juku’s spectacular achievements are founded on an aesthetic that weds form and content, the doing and the saying seamlessly.

At 34, Muhly is relatively young in terms of the classical scene, and his meteoric rise to fame has been bolstered not only by the fact that he writes concert music with great skill and astonishing rapidity, but also by his interest in modern themes and contemporary life.


“It is in the album, but you’re kind of like a treasure hunter, finding those moments and what’s really in the poetry and what it’s saying,” Goodrich said. “Essentially it’s all there, but it becomes clearer as you put it on stage and give those character voices to individuals.”

Few plays in the history of theater have attracted so much attention for their political resonances as much as ancient Greek playwright and statesman Sophocles’s “Antigone.”

Drawing from his 2003 essay “Global Warming and Art” and more recent writings, Adams said his talk is a “reflect(ion) on why I continue to do what I do in the face of potentially catastrophic environmental change.”

“All My Sons,” one of Miller's earliest and most popular plays, perfectly captures his artisty and commentary.

The world of Anna Sui is ever-evolving, consistently arresting and above all, unlike any other.

My sisters have insisted I get an Instagram for years. But I refuse.

“Do you want to get better? Do you want to get better? Do you want to get better, Caroline?”

BethAnn Karmeisool, owner of the S3 Safe Sex Store, said Wednesday the store will close its doors at the end of October.

She said her decision to close the storefront, located on South University Avenue, is a result of her building being sold and the recent decline of in-store sales.