Community Culture

The worst part about ‘School of Rock’ is its use of the nagging wife trope.

Stop only thinking women are funny when their comedy is crude.


“How could ‘Hamilton’ possibly live up to the hype?”


Summer in Ann Arbor is a different beast from its school year counterpart. The pace slows, with many University students returning home or going elsewhere, the sidewalks thin and the town’s median age seems to rise. Yet, the 56-year old Ann Arbor Art Fair seems to mark the town in a way that makes July feel as rowdy as autumn’s Football Saturdays, punctuating this time of year with a signature touch of Ann Arbor culture and camaraderie.

From Iran-Contra to the Lewinsky Scandal, Sarah Palin to Obamacare, the Capitol Steps never falls short on material.

From June 3rd to June 12th, the Cinetopia International Film Festival graced theatres in the Ann Arbor and Detroit metropolitan areas with a variety of dark full-length feature dramas, sardonic comedies, documentaries and shorts to satisfy any local cinephile.


Nichols Arboretum is always teeming with visitors during the summer — among them are picnickers camped out near the Huron River, tanners stretched out on sun-bleached towels and kayakers trying, and failing, to avoid the boulder everyone seems to get stuck on.

I’ve listened to so much Prince in the days since he passed — probably more than I ever did when he was alive.

The Midwest Literary Walk, which began eight years ago, has grown into one of the region's most unique and anticipated arts events.