Community Culture

You know the story — but not like this.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Detroit at Wayne State University on Monday.

It feels like there’s no real point to writing more about this election; everything that can be said already has been said, at least until early, early Wednesday morning.

How we get our food now, for the most part, is so removed from the ways in which it’s grown and made, especially if we don’t cook it ourselves.

I get the same feeling when I see the Lincoln Memorial as I do when I read Vonnegut –– this empowering emotion that ignites artistic inspiration for myself.

With “Here I Am,” Foer creates quite the tangle of character and storylines, of ideas and questions. But it is not his intention to untie the knot their lives and issues create.

Through the careful emphasis on certain pronouns and pointed stage direction, the goal of conveying these women’s stories is achieved, and at no cost to Oscar Wilde’s central theme of love.

‘The Whale’ is a story of a morbidly obese man, Charlie, who has spent the past few years eating his way to death.

It’s that time of year again: carving pumpkins, hoping it won’t snow on Halloween weekend and getting ready for the School of Music, Theater and Dance’s annual Halloween Concert.


The experienced jazz musician and SMTD professor is set to play this year's festival.

Bob Dylan

Regardless of my dad’s notion that Dylan is a rapper, there is no doubt in my mind that Dylan is a writer.