Community Culture

"I was having a crappy evening of self-pity in 2010 when I had the idea that if I cranked up the songs “Sally Wants” by the band Henry's Dress loud enough, I could break the space-time continuum.”

By this point, the one thing that should be clear is that not everyone — and surely not Dear Gillian — can be trusted for good counsel.

Healthonists don’t just party; they get crunk after completing a marathon, a group bike ride or a Bikram yoga session.

How can women who speak with such depth and resonance about navigating a patriarchal world be so tone-deaf about other cultures?

Patrick Marber's “Closer” skips syrupy-sweet implications to engage with the underbelly of romance.


“Being a hybrid isn't something you are taught as a child,” Mac said. “It's not like people, when you're a kid, say: ‘You know, you could be a performance artist drag queen!’ ”

With thematic complexity, deep character relationships and a collaborative and insightful cast, “Lughnasa” has plenty to offer.

In addition to reading from “The Portable Veblen,” McKenzie will spend time talking to fans at her event on Tuesday.

It takes something extra to get myself out of this mindset and recognize that I, along with many others, could be missing exactly what Ann Arbor asks us to find.

Lisicky defined his arrival in the writing world as an amalgamation of his early identities as a musician and an introvert — two factors that have allowed him to explore the way an inner voice is translated into art.