Community Culture

It’s critical that children get their hands on these pieces of literature. It’s critical that people are uncomfortable reading “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn” and it is critical that people think that “The Scarlet Letter” is obscene.

It is made for the audacious kid that is still deep within all of us, itching to experience one more journey while we are still young.

Kasischke will be discussing her work with the director of the MFA Program, Doug Trevor, in a free-flowing conversational interview.

“You can make so many different choices in your life that no matter what, at the end of the day you’re going to reach the destination.”

When I listen to music while walking, I observe the actions of people hustling through the diag; I pay closer attention to the trees and how they change.

Try these recipes on your own for a variety of delicious, easy weeknight meals.

Machine Gun Kelly

MGK covered topics from growing up poor, getting picked on as a kid and his supposedly grand contributions to hip-hop performance, while Mod Sun brought his signature positivity with the occasional witty comment.

The President-elect has offered one possible solution to the issue of immigration and border control. Fernando Lara and his students have offered another.

The Berlin Philharmonic is widely considered to be one of the top four or five orchestras in the world. So to say that I was excited when it was announced they would be coming to Ann Arbor is an understatement.

“Within the black universe, there are much clearer understandings of who is who. And I think that kind of nuance is what the greater majority misses.”