Community Culture


I never thought that Shakespeare could teach me about the Mexican Revolution.


With its annual presence, the timelessness of “Messiah” has a deeper meaning for many Ann Arborites


There’s some music that exists to move, and it’s not often that people actually take the time to be moved by it.

Activism, seeking justice, achieving equality — however we choose to define this topic — reveal the inherent personal nature to activism that I feel our campus often overlooks.

Classical music is often thought of as archaic and exclusive, a genre particular to those who study or practice it. There’s misconception that the classical genre is only listened to in ostentatious concert halls by the most experienced connoisseurs and critics.

Striking in its sentiment and unflinching in its honesty, the novel is a roadmap for medical caregivers, telling a story that’s all too familiar yet hasn’t been properly listened to.

The concert, combined with the preceding class, allowed for growth and exploration.

From beginning to end, Meeting of the Spirits: Music of Mahavishnu Orchestra was a head bobbing, feet thumping, heartfelt homage to John McLaughlin’s incredible musical career.

While complex art can be interesting and engaging, this propensity toward complexity among students can stunt artistic growth.