Community Culture

Natalie Kastner

With Rowe’s petite yet fiery frame, she commanded the Jazz Ensemble to an unmatched vibrancy.

Eli Rallo

Pursell’s prose writing is extremely visceral and poetic — it builds worlds around you as you read. As a young person, she won awards for her poetry and in her adult writing career, she’s honed her poetic expertise in her prose.

Natalie Kastner

Although the music was seemingly flawless, the performers struggled to maintain their emotional connection to the music.

The Morpheus Hotel

Front Inc. is the leader in architecture innovation.

Sammy Sussman

If this concert was a sign of what’s to come for the University Philharmonia Orchestra under Adrian Slywotzky this coming year, I can’t help but be excited.

Dana Pierangeli

With a dedicated group of students, a fantastic line-up and a legacy of excellence to back them up, every Symphony Band concert is history in the making.

Atomic Omelet

In addition to being excited about the venue, the band members couldn’t stop raving about the other musicians that will be playing alongside them.

'Romeo and Juliet'

The same way the Super Bowl will always garner critics, ballet will never resonate with everyone.

Natalie Kastner

This past Thursday, the University of Michigan’s Museum of Art and the Zell Visiting Writers Series hosted author Wayetu Moore to discuss her debut novel, “She Would Be King.” She started off the evening by discussing her dedication for the book.


When I had the opportunity to see “Wicked” on Broadway again this summer, I didn’t expect the piece to strike me differently than my previous viewings.