Community Culture


The Department of Musical Theater steps back from the glitz for Shakespeare’s "The Winter’s Tale."

When Quinn O’Connor — a freshman and new member — stood up with a straight face and said, “I like my man like I like my hat: sitting on my face,” I knew I was in the right place.

Monday night, Kitamura will converse about her new novel “A Separation.” Joining her will be author and University of Michigan professor, Natalie Bakopoulos, who is a graduate of the MFA program at Michigan.


Wright, who has been cracking people up on stage for over three decades, is most known for his signature deadpan, monotone delivery, which almost seems to border on indifference.

Mutual understanding — it’s something rare I think we’ve lost.

“The Bird-While” is a collection of 49 poems which focus on the nature world that surrounds us in our daily lives.


Art transcends boundaries, speaks through silence and allows people to communicate on common ground.

There are a multitude of examples of revolutionary artists passing away very young. Such little time on Earth, yet what an impact they were able to make.

The Ann Arbor Civic Theater will be performing “In the Next Room,” or “The Vibrator Play,” a Pulitzer Prize winning play written by Sarah Ruhl.

“Painting and performance are both integral to my practice, I mostly react to sounds, either noises I create or good music. I create as a way to process philosophy and to conduct research into ways of being,” said Williams.