Community Culture

The scenes mix drama and comedy, with a focus on themes that appeal to the average Michigan student.

One of the most exciting types of ensembles appearing today is the “new music” ensemble, a group of musicians dedicated to performing the music of living or recently living composers.

Do the people who show us the ideal product of our art fuel us? Or are we hindered by the people who question it?

"In Baroque music ensembles you always have a trio, even if there are four musicians.”

Over the subsequent decades the CBCO has come to stand as a symbol of Chinese culture, led to prominence by conductor and composer Peng Xiuwen.

The combination of the film and the live music make this event a unique experience.

Maybe zen comes in sweaty packages after all.

Flournoy's extensive research and intuitive understanding of the city's varied perspectives enriches her writing.

Digital communication can be lost at the first hint of water damage or inexplicable shutdown, but there is permanence in pen and ink.

Although Tamblyn is privileged in a way that by no means represents the majority of women to which she speaks, she writes from an honest place.