Community Culture

At the University, poets have had a far-reaching influence, impacting students, faculty and the community. To showcase these poets and their works, the Department of English Language and Literature will present the symposium “Poets at Michigan, Then and Now.”

This play aims to unite and encourage women, while illuminating important themes in all of our lives.

Further than just the necessity for more gender bent casting in professional theatre is the necessity for more strong, resilient female lead roles.

Jukebox the Ghost has been riding their dream for quite the hot minute, managing to inject the same dynamism into their performances now as they did 10 years ago.


The organization regularly participates in community service initiatives, especially those involving minority students.

After taking a brief hiatus until 2015, the student organization is back in full swing as it gears up for this week’s 2017 festival.


“The style of music that we play demands a lot of study and technicality, but the intention is that the audience does not feel all this work that is behind, but just receives music as it is, as pure emotion, feelings and expressions."

We consume art within a culture that is addicted to nostalgia.

SMTD's Department of Theatre & Drama will close their 2016-2017 season over the next two weekends with their performance of “Insurrection: Holding History” in the Arthur Miller Theatre.


He is speaking behind you. No, he is right next to you, whispering into your ear. No, he is standing directly in front of you, just a few inches away.