Community Culture


Al-Saadi is the real deal: He’s a showman, he’s got real talent, he’s his own artist.

The parallels to today could not be clearer: it’s about the disconnect between the haves and have-nots, the petty problems of the aristocracy in the midst of massive economic downturns.

The play revolves around four characters who each provide different perspectives on topics of identity and understanding the impact of their Jewish roots.

The show tells stories about soldiering by traveling through history through music.

I believe any space can be a venue. Any space can be used to showcase art, and Ann Arbor knows it.

Joe Hertler & The Rainbow Seekers are genuine in their joy and human in their heartache, and they’re all about connecting with people through unsullied authenticity.

He hopes that Michigan is now thought of as more than just a state that produces cars and Motown, but as a place of complexity.

Jared Saltiel, a folk musician, delivered an intimate performance in his hometown of Ann Arbor.

Literati will welcome Benedict to share an excerpt of “Wolf Season” and speak on her extensive research to “explore the effects of war on the human heart."

Hussain successfully showed that Western music truly does have a place in the world of Indian classical.