Community Culture

Hasan Minhaj

Your life can be wildly frustrating, inexplicably hilarious and tremendously confusing at the same time. And Subtle Asian Traits is here for it all.

Jorrel Javier

Magic, Greek mythology and your favorite childhood protagonist are all coming to a stage near you in the form of a brand new touring musical.

Alix Curnow

Audience members are encouraged to enter into this show not expecting to find answers, but rather new ideas and queries about life to ruminate upon.


Brooks welcomed the crowd into the performance, smiling with them, laughing with them, even singing along to his instrument. The music was a perfect blend of familiarity yet inventiveness, nostalgia yet passion — it made you want to cry and dance at the same time.

"Complex Rhythms"

A reminder for the need to increase the diversity of the performing arts and an example of the amazing work being done by those within the canon.

Niki Williams

While the constant shaping and reshaping of our world by the internet and technology can be a very beautiful thing, there are also some dangers that lie within it. Remaining overly aware of every act you take on the internet, of your own privilege and of your art that the internet influences is immensely important.

Juliana Huxtable

When the unfortunate truth of daily life imposes itself, Huxtable offers a “visual culture that unteathers us from reality.”

Zachary, on coffee

One should never judge a book by its cover, and in that vein, one should not predict the quality of coffee based on the appearance of its maker.


The playwriting in “Hamilton” is a work of genius. Every lyric is crafted with care; every rhyme has a significance beyond the text. Lin Manuel-Miranda blends American history and rap history in such an imaginative and innovative way that it has revolutionized Broadway.


I am the Lord thy God