Community Culture

“Within the black universe, there are much clearer understandings of who is who. And I think that kind of nuance is what the greater majority misses.”

The act of composing music is oftentimes both an act of discovery and of imitation. As a part of his or her process, a composer may sit down and explore new sound-worlds, or perhaps they may mimic the sonic events around them. Frequently, they may do both in the same piece.

The musical involves a cast of hand puppets, each controlled by actors who are visible on stage but seem to fade into the background as the plot progresses.

In her latest work, Grace has crafted a memoir that explicitly captures her war with gender dysphoria placed besides journal excerpts detailing the struggles and rewards of life as a touring musician.

Within the framework of the fast food industry, Trump is a Big Mac.

In Ann Arbor for a Penny Stamps lecture last week, Ruga had the opportunity to witness one of the strangest and most divisive periods in American history.

You know the story — but not like this.

Hillary Clinton campaigns in Detroit at Wayne State University on Monday.

It feels like there’s no real point to writing more about this election; everything that can be said already has been said, at least until early, early Wednesday morning.

How we get our food now, for the most part, is so removed from the ways in which it’s grown and made, especially if we don’t cook it ourselves.

I get the same feeling when I see the Lincoln Memorial as I do when I read Vonnegut –– this empowering emotion that ignites artistic inspiration for myself.