Community Culture


I am not hopeless; I am hopeful.


Vanessa Carlton refuses to slow down.

“I don’t think I would call it a political play. What I think it does so well is it presents this issue and it allows the audience to think for themselves about it. It doesn’t have a spin, it doesn’t have an idea about abortions that says: ‘Okay this is what we think, what do you think?’ You can decide for yourself.”


This constant motion, a pursuit of restlessness and slight discomfort supports Hayes’s philosophy as a teacher of poetry.

Cast and creative team of "Beyond Sacred"

With current tensions surrounding the Muslim community at the University, Ping Chong + Company could not come to Ann Arbor at a better time.

This Saturday, the UMMA@SMTD partnership series will present “Elevation: New Heights in the Concert Hall,” featuring the exhibit “The Aesthetic Movement in America: Artist of the Photo Secession.”

Slowing down doesn’t mean falling into a trap of laziness or apathy; rather, it is finding the form of genuine and honest rest.

The play is a wild spectacle, full of song, dance and “Simpsons” references.

Technical and musical aspects alone are not enough to create an extraordinary performance.


The Department of Musical Theater steps back from the glitz for Shakespeare’s "The Winter’s Tale."