Community Culture

In saying farewell to this stranger that I may not meet again, to this band I may not see again, I took away with me invigorated optimism for the power of art to connect people — strangers and friends alike.


Kahn dispels common assumptions around veganism, such as suspicion around nutrition, executability and accessibility, and forms his argument in an unbiased, fact-based way.

The War and Treaty at Folk Fest

Headlined by the legendary folk songwriter John Prine, the show was a masterful set of acts that varied in influence and genre, but all had one thing in common — a whole lotta soul.


Mountain Heart — a group that borrows from folk, Americana and bluegrass — continues to write music reflecting not only their roots, but the roots of the genre as a whole.

There’s something extremely vulnerable, yet immensely beautiful, about sharing your struggles. You feel like a portion of the pain is being lifted off your chest, even though the problem may still remain.

This loss of centralized and standardized repertoires may be frightening, but it is also thrilling. It represents one of the biggest changes that these performance art forms have seen in hundreds of years — tremendous opportunities for audiences, performers and creators to pluralize and diversify these art forms.


“At some point, I decided that I wanted my songs to be vignettes of everything I need to say before I die.”


“In the hustle of daily living it’s easy to forget how everything looked before it became ordinary.”

FK Alexander’s performance is honest, selfless and empowering.


While neither piece was quite as humorous as one would expect, both were impactful displays by student musicians as they learn to play comedic music. This brought both pieces to moments of pure beauty along with occasional moments of confusion.